Are you working crazy hours to barely cover your bills?
Do you need clarity on what kind of marketing you need to do in order to get results?
Do you want to cut through the BS and bring your biz to the next level?
Do you just need guidance on how to make it all happen?
Is your mind filled with little voices saying “I can’t do this”, “Where do I start?”, “All the tech stuff is just too much for me”?
Well let me tell you, you DESERVE to get your business to where it wants to be. You CAN MASTER all the marketing in the world. You WILL get over your tech phobias. And you know the best part? You DESERVE to have fun with it.
And that’s why you need me. Think of me as your personal partner in crime, strategist, cheerleader and implementation fairy, who occasionally kicks you in the pom poms to make things happen. I believe in you 100% and WE CAN DO THIS.
Together we’ll explore…
We’ll look at ways to streamline your income. If you’re working countless hours for a fixed fee, but STILL don’t have enough at the end of the month it’s time to look at creating packages for your services that help you sell more without working more.
So we’ve narrowed down WHY you want to do this, WHO you want to work with, WHAT you can do for them and HOW you’ll do it. Now we need to focus on putting a marketing strategy in place to get you the results you want.
We’ll look at exactly what tools you need to make that strategy come to life. We’ll look at your opt-ins, sales funnels and any other system you will need to rock your biz
  • A 90 minutes Success Strategy Session to unleash a rock solid marketing plan that works for YOUR biz
  • 5 x 60-minute Implementation Sessions.
    That could either mean me teaching you the things you need to do it yourself or you get me to actually DO the work in the background
  • Weekly Goal setting and accountability emails to track your progress,
  • Unlimited Email Support Mon-Fri 9am-5pm GMT


This is for anyone who:
 – Is ready to step up and take the business to the next level
 – Is ready to create systems that will support exponential business growth
– Is ready to DO THE WORK and ready to harvest the crops!
This is not for people who:
– Are not ready to commit to do the work 100% and want to take the easy route
– Want to stay in their comfort zone
– Are not ready to invest in themselves and their biz

Your Investment

Your Investment in this program (or rather YOURSELF + your biz) is